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President Office Description


The President of MYSA:
  • is the chief executive officer of MYSA
  • shall administer the affairs of MYSA with the concurrence of the Board of Directors
  • shall serve as chairman at all General Membership meetings and Board of Directors
  • shall establish MYSA committees and make committee appointments as provided by bylaw 331
  • shall sign, with the Secretary, all contract and documents of this Association when duly authorized by the Board of Directors or the General Membership
  • is an official member of all committees
  • shall submit a written report to the General Membership at the annual general meeting
  • provide to the Secretary General of the USSF an annual report on the activities of the Association and the most current annual financial statements of the Association, within 90 days after the start of the seasonal year of the USSF
  • perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors
  • shall serve as the State Association's representative for all US Youth Soccer and US Soccer functions.


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