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Registrar Office Description

  • Aid the State Office staff in maintaining a current computerized list of all MYSA registered players, coaches, administrators and trainers within the jurisdiction of the Association.
  • Shall provide to all member organizations, as needed, blank membership forms and the computer registration program required to generate official MYSA rosters and players passes.
  • Shall tabulate membership voting power at all Council meetings.
  • Shall submit a written report to the council at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Shall keep the USSF and US Youth Soccer informed as to this Association's registration information.
  • Shall regularly confirm that this Association's registration procedures comply with USSF and US Youth Soccer Bylaws, policies and rules.
  • Shall have such other duties and/or powers which the Board of Directors or the Council may, from time to time, assign to him/her.


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