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Frequently Asked Questions


 What age groups can participate?

For 2013/2014 seasonal year, the age groups are 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
Those are the age groups?
Yes, the age groups in ODP are different than for Club teams. They are not usually referred-to as "Under 15", etc, but by the Calendar year in which the player was born.
What is the cost?
The cost for tryouts is $175.00.  There is an additional cost to attend Regional Camp, but that cost varies depending on the costs handed down from Region II.
How do I get involved?
Register in the Missouri ODP program through the MYSA website ( under 'ODP - Registration'.
What other costs will be incurred?
The Region Event is a separate event and will be an additional cost. Additional costs could also possibly be incurred for: competitions, additional training sessions, player gear, etc.
How are tryouts conducted?
Tryouts are open to all players living in Missouri. MYSA will set dates for "open" tryouts - open to any players living in Missouri who has registered and paid the fee. The OPEN tryouts are held in November, December, and January. Dates will be posted on the MYSA website after September 1st 2010. Each age group will have at least two (2) Tryout Dates - usually with two sessions on each date, and a break for the players in-between sessions. Players who are registered online and have paid the fee should show up for tryouts (a little early). Each player will be given a numbered t-shirt which will allow the coaches to identify them for evaluation. Coaches will conduct the sessions while evaluating the players. Goalkeepers should tell the coach PRIOR to the start of each session that they are a Goalkeeper.
In addition to open tryouts, sometimes players are identified through their own team - Club or High School. If an ODP coach identifies such a players, he/she can 'invite' him/her to get involved in the ODP, or even name her to the team without attending one of the open tryouts. This is a valid and legitimate way to accomplish the stated mission of the Olympic Development Program: "to identify and develop top players" in the State.
Are the players required to attend all four tryout sessions?
No. We scheduled four sessions for two reasons: 1.) We believe that if a coach can see a player more than one time - such as all four- that is an advantage to both the coach and the player. However, 2.) We realize that club commitments and other factors can prevent a player from being available for all four sessions. We encourage every player to attend all four sessions if he/she is available, but no player will be penalized for missing one or some of the sessions. Every player should attend at least one tryout session (although there are occasional exceptions).
What happens after the Tryouts?
After the first four (4) scheduled sessions are conducted (usually by the end of December), the Coach may decide to make a first cut - narrowing the group down to a smaller number. However, that is up to the discretion of the coach - he/she may decide to continue along with all players included. After the January session, the Coach will name the players that are selected to represent that age group at the Region Event (see 'What is a Region Event?, later). In addition, the Coach may name some 'alternates'. This group of players - those going to the Region Event plus alternates - are consider the Missouri State Team for that age group for that year.
What is an 'Alternate'?
Try thinking of the State team - a part of the National Team process - like the National Team: many players are a part of the National Team because they have trained with, and perhaps competed with, the National Team. This number may be 40-50 players. Each player can state that he/she is on the National Team. However, when the World Cup arrives, the Coach of the National Team is required to name only 22 players from his/her team to represent the US in that Event. The others could all be considered "Alternates" - ready to step in and take the place of one of those other players if he/she is unable or unwilling to attend that Event.
The same is true for our State Team - the Alternates are not included in the group selected to represent the State in that event. However, they are still a part of the 'team', and may be asked to attend the Event if one of the others is unable or unwilling to attend. Alternates are asked to be ready in case.
What commitment is expected?
All players are asked to make every effort to attend all four (4) tryouts. All players chosen to the Team - including Alternates - are asked to make every effort to be at all team training sessions. We recommend giving those dates of tryouts and winter training.
What is a "Region Event"?
Region II, of which Missouri is a member, sponsors an ODP Event in July of each year. It is either a CAMP or a TOURNAMENT. The two oldest groups participate in the Tournament; and the other group participate in a Camp.
The Region Event serves two purposes: to enhance the soccer development of the top players in the region, and to identity the best players in Region II for Regional and National Team consideration. For High-School aged players, it is also used by many College coaches to identify players to recruit.
When and where is the Region Event?

The dates are listed in the 2013/14 ODP Parent's Guide.  Please refer to that document for more information.
How Do Players Get There?
MYSA is constantly looking for creative, cost-efficient, & safe ways to get players to/from the Regional event.  In the past, we have used both chartered and personal transport for the Regional events.
What is the Cost?
The costs for camps for the 2013/2014 Regional events have not yet been set by the Region.  As soon as they are we will post them on the website. The cost includes transportation, meals, lodging, competition, training, and supervision. Extra costs could possibly include: some optional items such as t-shirts, a polo, etc; spending money, or a meal on the road.
How Many Players to a Room, and How are Roommates Assigned?
The boys are housed in Hotels, and are bussed to the fields. They are mostly housed 4-to-a-room, but it can vary (2 or 3 sometimes). Roommates are usually assigned , but requests for preferences will be considered without promise.
The girls are housed in dormitories at Northern Illinois University, 2 players to a room. Roommates are assigned by staff with an effort to pair players who do NOT already know each other - such as from a different part of the State.
Can Parents go to Watch?
Region II discourages Parents' participation at the Region Event because it is part of the training for the National Teams program.. Parents who go to watch may not stay at the same hotel as the players, and may not be in this hotel. Parents may talk to players briefly at the field after game or training.
What Happens Prior?
There will be some preparation of the team before the Region Event. This will take place in either June or July, depending upon the time frame. Dates will be posted as early as possible.
Are the Players Supervised?
YES, the players are well-supervised by state coaches, team adminstrator(s), and Region Staff. Additionally, the Region helps set the tone with strict rules to be adhered-to by all states. Players who do not follow the rules will not be tolerated and may be sent home at the Parents' expense.


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