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What is ODP?

ODP Mission
The mission of the US Youth Soccer's Olympic Development Program is to identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis, which will lead to increased success for the US National Teams.
The mission of Missouri Youth Soccer Association's (MYSA) Olympic Development Program is to identify and develop the top players registered within the State of Missouri, to promote development through quality coaching, and to help these players gain recognition on the Regional and National levels.
ODP Philosophy
We believe that training and playing with those of equal or greater ability is a tremendous teaching tool.
We believe that exposing players to such training and competition is the best method for development.
We also believe that this exposure is the best method of identifying the highest caliber players.
We believe that the development of players in Missouri is primarily the direct responsibility of our affiliate clubs and that the ODP should not interfere with that development.
We believe that the MYSA ODP can supplement that development by allowing the best players in the state to train and compete alongside each and against the best of other states in the Region.
We believe that the success of the Missouri ODP will be a direct result of the quality of players, coaches and Club Organizations.
Therefore, we believe that we must foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect between the Clubs and MYSA ODP.
ODP Goals
To identify a pool of players in each age group from with a United States National Team will be selected for international competition.
To provide high level training to benefit and enhance the development of players at all levels.
Through the use of carefully selected licensed coaches, develop a mechanism for the enhancement of ideas and curriculum to improve all levels of coaching.
Benefits of Participating
Development as a player by training with and playing against the best players in one's age group.
Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
Quality competition, including games against other State's ODP teams in Region 2.
Exposure to collegiate, professional, regional and national team coaches.
The opportunity to represent one's state, region, or country in competition.
Any soccer player registered in Missouri Youth Soccer Association is eligible for consideration in the ODP provided he or she meets the age requirement for the established age group. Tryouts are open to all players. If a player is not registered with MYSA, they will be registered when they sign up for tryouts.
Age Groups
The Olympic Development Program follows different age requirements than Club Soccer. The age groups for ODP are determined by the year of birth. That is, players are put together if they were born between January 1st and December 31st. The youngest age group is considered 'Developmental'. There are six (6) age groups involved in State ODP each year.
Selection of the top players is not an easy task. Players are evaluated on 4 components that make up a soccer player.
1. Technique
2. Tactical sense or decision making ability
3. Fitness and athletic ability
4. Attitude
The ODP seasonal year follows the same season as Clubs: beginning September 1st of each year. The first step in the process is for the player is to register. In order for a player to be involved in the ODP program, he/she must be registered online through the MYSA website. Go to the ODP tab on the top of the website and the boys registration will be under the Boys tab and the girls will be under the Girls tab. As part of the registration, you will be asked to pay the fee and provide paperwork: a copy of the Birth Certificate and a Medical Release form. (Note: returning players who have the paperwork on file from the Previous year do not need to provide it again - but you WILL need new paperwork for the Regional Event). After the player is registered and paid, with the paperwork on file, then the player attends tryouts. After tryouts a group of players are chosen as the State Team in that age group. Then they train and prepare for the culmination of the ODP Seasonal year: the Regional Event. (See more under "Regional Event" below.)
There initially will be four (4) tryouts, 2 per date on 2 dates. Usually, these take place in November and December. We strongly recommend that every player attend all four of these initial tryouts. If a player cannot attend any session, he/she should the team coach to let him/her know the reason. Failure to attend a session will not be held against the player, especially if due to a club conflict. However, most players will be required to attend at least on one tryout session. There are exceptions to this - such as a player who has already been named to the National team - but they are rare. The "first cut'' may occur after these 4 sessions, depending upon the coaches. Another tryout/training session will take place in January - if the weather permits. If a player is invited to the January session, we again strongly encourage attendance. The State Team will be named by the end of January, and published the first week of February.
The registration fee for 2015-2016 is $200.00.
The registration fee helps to defray the actual costs involved in administering the program, the state tryouts, and State team training. It does NOT apply nor cover any costs to the Region Event. Additional costs could be incurred for competitions, additional training sessions, the Region Event, and extra team equipment orders should your team decide they want extra items.
Upon selection, a Missouri ODP player is expected to participate in all activities of their team. Any player NOT able to attend a training session should let the coach know the reason - in advance.
Training Sessions
Each age group - except High School-aged girls - will hold monthly winter training sessions in February, March and April. High School girls cannot participate during their High School season. Some teams may also train in May. Then the team will also train and prepare for the Region Event in June and/or July.
There will be an effort to include the State team in a competition against: other States' ODP teams, or high quaility Club teams, or each other. Transportation to such events would be the responsibility of the players and their parents. In the recent past, such competitions have been held in Belleville-IL, Kansas City-MO, Lincoln-NE, and St Louis. Dates for these will be given as far in advance as possible.
Regional Event
The primary event for ODP is the Regional Events. It is the culmination of the ODP year. The event is either a Tournament, a 5-day camp or a 4-day Developmental camp.
Tournament: The two oldest age groups in both boys and girls compete in a 3-day tournament against the other Region II States' ODP teams. This is a World-Cup style pool play, with winners advancing to a semi-finals and finals.
Middle age groups: The middle age groups' Regional Camp for the boys consists of team training sessions conducted by Regional Staff Coaches, and evening games vs. other States, coached by the State Coaches. The girls are similar, except that the competition begins as state vs. state, and progresses to teams of players mixed together from all states vs. each other. During the Regional Camp, players who are capable of performing at a higher level of play are identified for possible regional pool consideration. This is called the 'daily pool'. At the end of the camp, the Region staff identifies a pool of the best players present. They then ask the players who are named to the Pool to participate in an extra 4 or 5 day camp, called either a holdover camp (they stay after the camp is over) or a callback camp (they come back a couple of weeks later for the Regional Pool camp). The regional team is usually named from this Holdover Pool.
Developmental: The youngest age group is called the 'Development' age. These groups go to a Region Camp that is usually 4 days rather than 5, they do not compete in State vs. State games, there is no Holdover or Call-Back camp, nor is a Regional Team named.
The biggest difference between the Regular Camp and the Developmental Camp are:
The regular camp also has a state vs state tournament competition. The Developmental Camp does not. The Developmental Camp players do not play any games as a State Team.


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