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Player Transfer Form



Beginning August 1, 2012, all Player Transfers will be conducted on Got Soccer using the following process:

  1. If a player looks to move from one club to another as a primary player, the player or club registrar must first go to the following link: Player Transfer Form
  2. After the web page has opened up, you will enter in the player's Got Soccer login information
  3. Once you have logged in, you will answer / fill out the questions listed. When you are done, please hit 'Submit'.
  4. The Transfer request will then be sent to the Sending Club, the Receiving Club, and the MYSA State Office.
  5. Both clubs must approve of the transfer before the player will be moved. (Club Registrars see below for instructions on how to approve)
  6. Once both clubs have approved, the receiving club will then be able to pull them into their database.
  7. There is now a $175.00 transfer fee that was a Board approved fee..  There are some specific situations where the fee may be waived.  For those situations, please see page 16 of the MYSA Registration Policies.

Once the transfer request has been sent, each club must approve the transfer. Here are the instructions for the club registrars from there:
  1. To approve a player transfer, you will need to login to your club account and click on the 'Club' or 'Home Association' tab.
  2. Under the yellow 'Risk Management' box, you will see the name of the player who is looking to transfer.
  3. By clicking on the name of the player, you will be able to see the responses from the player's request.
  4. There is an 'Approve' button above their responses that you will then click on to approve.

Both the sending and receiving club will be able to see whether or not the player has been approved. Once both clubs have approved, the receiving club will then take the following steps to finish the transfer:
  1. Login to your club account and click on the 'Club' or 'Home Association' tab
  2. Click on 'Players'
  3. Click on 'Player Search'
  4. You will then have to type in the player's first name, last name, date of birth, and ID number exactly as it appears in the system. Otherwise the player will not show up.
  5. Once you have searched for that player, they will show up with an 'Import' button next their information.
  6. Click on 'Import'
  7. The player account at that point will be entered into your club database.

If you have any questions, please contact the state office at


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