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Background Checks

For the 2013/2014 season, all background checks (formally known as Kidsafe) will be conducted through the Got Soccer registration program. Each team coach, manager, and club administrator is required to conduct a background check in accordance with the MYSA Registration Policies.
Background checks are done in 2-year cycles. The current cycle is the 2013/2014 seasonal year through the 2014/2015 seasonal year.
In order to do a background check as a COACH OR TEAM OFFICIAL:
- Each coach/manager will need to log into their account on Got Soccer (not the team account). (CLICK HERE TO LOGIN)
- In the gray bar, click on the link called 'Background Checks' (SCREEN SHOT)
- Click on the button called 'Submit New Report' (SCREEN SHOT)
- Enter your information and click 'Submit' (SCREEN SHOT)
In order to do a background check as a REFEREE:
- Each referee  will need to log into their account on Got Soccer.
- Click on "My Account" in the blue bar. (My accountSCREEN SHOT)
- In the gray bar, click on the link called 'Background Checks' (SCREEN SHOT) or 'Age Verification' if you are a minor.
- Click on the button called 'Submit New Report' (SCREEN SHOT). There is a cost of $2.25/check for referees.
- Enter your information and click 'Submit'
- If you don't see the 'Submit New Report' button, it is because your referee account is not attached to any assignor in Missouri.
- To attach yourself to an assignor, click on 'Upcoming Events' in the dark grey bar.  CLICK HERE for a list of assignors.
- Then search for Missouri events (SCREEN SHOT).
- Apply for the event or click on the assignor to be attached to them.  
- Click on 'Assignors'.  You'll need to make sure you first 'Approve' them.  Next, you need to click the button to 'Make Primary'.
- At that point, you should be able to take the steps above and submit your background check or age verification.
I received an email telling me to do another background check, but I already did one. What do I need to do?
DO NOT DO ANOTHER BACKGROUND CHECK. The reason you received the email is because a new account was created for you. Please contact your club registrar and request that they look into the matter.
How often do I need to do a background check?
All background checks done since the beginning of the 2013/2014 season are good through the end of the 2014/2015 season. At that time coaches and managers will need to go in and process another background check.
If I've done a background check through my job or other organization, do I have to still do one with MYSA?
Yes. Your previous background checks do not carry over to your role with MYSA or your club.
How much does the background check cost?
Nothing for coaches and team managers. MYSA pays for those background checks.  Referees have to pay $2.25/background check.
I can't login to my account. How can I get my login information?
You can get your information one of two ways. (1) Contact your club's registrar. They will be able to look-up your information or reset it for you. (2) Go to the Got Soccer login page and there will be a link called 'Password' lookup. Enter in your email address and the system will email you your login information.
If I'm moving clubs, do I need do another background check?
No, please contact your club registrar to make sure that you have an account with your new club. The club will then contact the State Office about transferring your background check.
How long does the background check take?
The check only takes you a couple a minutes to complete. Once you submit it to the state, it takes about an hour or two to come back.
What if my background check comes back as 'Under Review'?
If your background check is listed as 'Under Review', you will need to contact the MYSA Executive Director at


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