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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Below is a description of the Directors & Officers Liability Description Coverage:
Underwriter: Chubb
Who is Covered?
This plan covers the Missouri Youth Soccer Association and it's member clubs / leagues, directors and officers of the organization, and any member acting in an official capacity on behalf of the organization.
What types of claims are covered?
D&O Liability provides protection for the following types of situations:
  • Eligibility mattes, such as lawsuit stemming from the fact that a player did not make the select team or because a player was deemed ineligible for an All-Star Team due to geographic restrictions.
  • Discrimination - Claims from players, coaches, employees or volunteers alleging discrimination due to gender, age, race, physical ability or disability, etc., would be covered under the D&O policy.
  • Wrongful Acts, such as negligent hiring or termination practices.
  • Sexual harassment (but not sexual abuse, which is considered a bodily injury and is therefore covered under General Liability)
  • Errors and Omissions
What is not covered by D&O?
Directors and Officers Liability specifically excludes coverage for claims arising out of any Bodily Injury or Property Damage to others. These types of claims are covered under the General Liability policy. Therefore, if a director of the league or club were sued because someone were injured during a game, that claim would be covered by the General Liability, not the D&O policy.
Policy Limits:
Please contact the MYSA Office at 636-936-3676, ext. 103 or for the policy limits.
This policy is written on a claims-made basis, meaning that all claims must be reported during the policy term in order to be eligible for coverage.
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