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Any activities related to Indoor Soccer, or any other indoor facility (including gymnasiums and other indoor facilities), are considered NOT SANCTIONED by Missouri Youth Soccer unless a certificate of insurance is issued by the MYSA State Office.
Certificates of Insurance will be issued to indoor facilities based on the following criteria:
  1. The indoor facility's general purpose and construction. Facilities that have board/immovable objects on the field of play will result in greater criticism.
  2. The indoor facility must have proof of their own liability insurance.
  3. The injury and accident history of the facility as it relates to soccer injuries.
  4. The reason that the club/team is looking to rent the facility.
    1. Any type of activities or practice that involved the implementation of boards or walls is not approved.
    2. The only activities that are sanctioned by the Missouri Youth Soccer Association are the following: tournaments, practices, league games, and friendlies.
MYSA reserves the right to revoke any insurance certificate issued to any indoor facility (or outdoor facility for that matter) at any time due to any reckless behavior that may lead to injuries.
NO ACTIVITIES ARE SANCTIONED THAT ARE HELD AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE OR PRIVATE PROPERTY NOT INSURED FOR RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES. Any residence or private property MUST provide proof of their own commercial accident and liability coverage to MYSA PRIOR to use and be issued a Certificate of Insurance from MYSA.
Again, no MYSA insurance coverages shall be extended to any MYSA members participating in events at locations if they do not have a certificate of insurance issued by the State Office.


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