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State Cup Webcast Details



2013 State Cup Webcast Details

Next Monday night, April 8th at 7:30pm, Missouri Youth Soccer will host the 2013 Missouri State Cup Draw at the MYSA Office in St. Charles, MO.

All teams are welcome to come to the office to watch the draw in person.  If you or your team wishes to do so, here is a link to the MYSA's location: CLICK HERE.  

The format of the draw will be a double-blind format.  For those of your who are unfamiliar with a double-blind draw, here is how it will be conducted:

- There will be two bowls.  One bowl will contain each team entry for a particular age group.  The other bowl will contain an entry for each spot in the bracket.
- A team will be picked first, followed by a spot in the bracket.  The selection is completely random and will be done by a selection of impartial observers.
- If your team has earned a seed from the previous year as a semi-finalist or finalist in the 2012 Missouri State Cup, your team will be automatically placed in the bracket so as to avoid playing the other semi-finalists / finalists in the group play stage (if the number of teams in your group permits).  Your placement will be shown before the draw for your age group begins.  Teams earning a seed must return at least 51% of their previous year's roster.

If your team cannot join us for the draw this year, i'm pleased to say that the draw will be broadcast live over the internet.  In order to watch the draw live, just click on the link below:

You will not need a password or login to view the webcast.  The draw will begin with the U12 girls and we will work our way up to the oldest age groups from there.  Games times and field locations will be scheduled on Got Soccer following the draw and will be available in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Jake Griesenauer at



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